Getting Performance from Performance Managment

The title is not mine. I have to confess that I attended a Webinar of the same title presented by the Brandon-Hall Group. But it is such an adequate title that I must re-produce it here.

It seems there is a new wave out there. Managers in world class organisations are realising that keeping staff engaged is more important than incentivising them with promises of bonuses. If staff members are engaged all things follow. Perhaps it is a consequence of Daniel Pink and his talk on the difference between people doing one dimensional and two or more dimensional jobs. In the 21st century jobs have dramatically changed from the one dimensional to the two or more.

There were 200 + people attending the Webinar and I learned that 70% or more of them are doing away with allocating numericals to performance management targets. Instead they are using the system to encourage learning and development. To help people learn, to coach and mentor them. To lead them rather than to manage them.

How the wheel turns. How our values change - sometimes overnight. Will our Zimbabwean business leaders see the light? Or will they continue to micro-manage their people, demand more for less?


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